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Gilles Cardinal

Came to British Columbia from Ontario and the Food Industry in 1979. That year, he became the sole proprietor of Cost Plus Painting and Decorating. Ten years later, the company Incorporated. This successful painting company is well known for their custom finishes and their high end work. Their client list is a well diverse portfolio of the Lower Mainland’s leading Businesses. For the past 15 years Cost Plus Painting and Decorating Inc. has extended its focus to Millwork Finishing at their successful Finishing Facility.

Clay Konyk

Our director, comes to us with an incredibly varied resume. Now just the highlights…he started working in the family business, Hunky Bill’s, at 13 and has never looked back. In 1985, Clay started a construction company, Cottage Creek Homes and Incorporated in 1988. But why just build them? He’s also been in Real Estate and Development in the Lower Mainland for almost 15 years.

Artisan Laser Works

Is the creation of two well established and successful British Columbian Businesses. We are a group of talented professionals who love what we do. We use Laser Technology to create works of art with different materials. We work closely with our clients to give them creative, custom art pieces to achieve any look.

At Artisan Laser Works, we believe in protecting our planetís natural resources in any way we can. That is why we are supporters of Earth Hour 2011. We encourage you to take a look at the Earth Hour 2011 website at www.earthhour.org. Perhaps you too may be inspired to join in on Saturday, March 26 at 8:30 pm.

You dream it, we create it...
with laser precision


Artisan Laser Works Inc. 604.839.ETCH

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